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Musings from the wilderness… Part 7

Succot at its finest! It’s Sukkafest, a 10 day festival (Sukkot is 7 days, but we are extending!!) of the hut where hundreds will flow through the farm to celebrate the harvest and nature. Like

Musings from the wilderness… part 6

Observing the world around us It’s night time, the sun has gone to rest and a small sliver of the moon has shown its face. I am sure there is a name for that kind

A time for reflection and forward thinking… a message from Shalom’s CEO

With the new year approaching, I thought I would take a step back, and look at Shalom’s mission. What we set out to do, and what we’ve achieved so far. At Shalom, our goal has

Musings from the wilderness… Part 5

Make the Change!! Over the past month this blog has had a theme. I sarcastically recall a story from the week, link it to an idea I want to talk about and through wit and

Musings from the wilderness… Part 4

The meaning of a schlepper... I am convinced that gnats are the devil with wings! Little insects flying around my facial orifices trying to lay their eggs; the very definition of devil behaviour. This morning

Musings from the wilderness… Part 3

The power of seclusion and conversation I would never recommend smoking cigarettes to anyone. It is an unhealthy, expensive and smelly habit I picked up at 16. There is nothing fun about standing outside in

Musings from the wilderness… Part 2

Week 2 - Don't curse the rain!! They say in Israel, “Don’t curse the rain, because the Kinneret is small.” Such a beautiful sentiment, and a reminder that contrary to the way most of us

Reflecting in the lead up to Rosh Hashanah

The High Holidays might seem light years away, but the time to prepare, is actually meant to be now, during the Hebrew month of Elul. In fact, someone once said that if Rosh Hashanah is

Musings from the wilderness… Part 1

Here I am, in the middle of the forest in West Connecticut, in a tent on a hot humid night and I can hear the sound of the torrential rain hitting the plastic of the

A quirky comedy to premiere in Sydney