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Why aren’t you watching Traitors right now?

Join our Facebook group Couch Latkes for more tv/movie suggestions! SLIGHT SPOILERS You’re betraying yourself if you don’t watch Traitors! Too much? Bear with me, because Traitors is the most gripping television I’ve watched in

8 ways to remember Kristallnacht on the 81st anniversary

 1.   Watch The Book Thief Arguably the most powerful scene depicting the pogroms of 9 November 1938 features in the film adaptation of The Book Thief. Images of Brownshirts smashing Jewish shopfronts and dragging Jews

Musings from the wilderness… Part 10

Counting Sheep Counting sheep to fall asleep, a strategy not too steep, won’t make you weep and oh so very very cheap. I didn’t intend to write such a beautifully poetic first line but after

Experiencing Shabbat

Shabbat is one of the most recognised Jewish holidays in the world. Whether you celebrate it weekly with your family, or you haven’t kept it since your youth movement days, everyone has a Shabbat story

7 Yummy Shabbat Dinners to Binge (Eat) Watch

Join our private Facebook group Couch Latkes for more tv/movie suggestions! 1. The Simpsons Season 3; Episode 6 Revel in the Simpsons' heyday with this, the most Jew-centric of episodes. Highlights: self-loathing, Jackie Mason, and

Musings from the wilderness… Part 9

Early rising Every morning when I wake up to start the day, I raise my hands to the sky, shaking them with disgust when I ask, “Why is it still dark outside?” Until I remember

Succah by the Sea – time to reimagine ritual!

For over 3000 years, Jewish people around the world have left the comforts of their homes to eat , and the walls must be impermanent and remain open on some sides, open to passers-by -

Musings from the wilderness…. Part 8

Simchat Torah on a farm! It was rumoured for a few weeks that Simchat Torah on the farm was going to go off, a night of heavy drinking and a chance to interact with people

4 TV shows for the Jewish foodie!

There’s no shortage of food shows and podcasts out there but, just like there are thousands of different recipes in the world, there are plenty of spins a culinary series can take. Feast your eyes

Don’t Mess with the Sandler

There once was a time (that ended in 2006 with Don’t Mess With The Zohan) that an Adam Sandler film would hit equally the very different funny-bones of my dad, my brother and me. This