5 books we’re reading this book month

The weather is cold, the days are dark, and there’s nothing we’d rather be doing than being curled up in bed, with a good book. Or on a train. In between meetings. On the toilet. It’s book month, and we’re happy to be reading anywhere, and everywhere. However you’re celebrating book month: whether you’re planning on coming along to Sydney Jewish Writers’ Festival or heading down to a bookstore on Love Your Bookshop Day; we think you should start by reading one (or all) of these amazing books.

What Does Impact Look Like?

By Rabbi Alon Meltzer Every organisation goes through the journey of trying to understand the impact they are creating. Understanding the legacy that they are leaving behind. Figuring out what product they are trying to

Becoming Whole

By Rabbi Alon Meltzer Across cultures there is the idea of finding wholeness. Some call it zen, others mindfulness. It has resurfaced in the present as a catchy buzzword situated alongside green juices, activewear, and

What would you do to survive?

The cast of The Man in the Attic talk about their characters, the lengths we go to for our survival and the enduring legacy of the Holocaust.  

From Mardi Gras to The Man in the Attic

From magnificent Mardi Gras floats to his plans for an abstract set for 'The Man in the Attic', listen to set designer Hugh O'Connor talk about his art. We are so lucky to have a dynamic and artistic

When to Jump – If the Job You Have Isn’t the Life You Want

What should you do if the job you have isn't the life you want? Ditch it and JUMP! "When to Jump" author and CEO Mike Lewis and Michaela Kalowski discuss his book  book that lays out

A Homage to the Unknown Jew

Acclaimed and award-winning Australian playwright of 'The Man in the Attic', Timothy Daly spoke to us about his process and his inspiration. Listen to Timothy Daly as he talks about his love for theatre, his affinity

A Family Secret Hidden for 71 Years

Kurt Brown grew up in a fundamental Christian home with no idea of what a Jew even was until his grandmother revealed a shocking secret she had kept hidden from everyone for 71 years. Watch

In Search of the Man in the Attic

Celebrated Australian playwright Timothy Daly is the writer behind our fascinating upcoming theatre production, The Man in the Attic.  Daly has graciously shared with us how he came to write this award-winning tale. Every