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It’s 2020 and we have some Breaking NEWS: “Composting is not just for hippies and tree huggers anymore!” Join the Adamama Compost Collective. We give you the bucket, you fill it with your organic waste, we collect it every week from 1 of 3 hubs in Bondi, Randwick and one more TBC. Drop it at a hub on your way to work and pick up a brand new bucket at the same time.

If it originally came from the earth we want to send it back. Composting is an amazing and easy way to make a greener world and more sustainable home. Don’t send your kitchen scraps to landfill, send it to Adamama to become rich organic compost to help grow our plants and our community. Your household bin will instantly become lighter and less smelly.

We will be starting the collection in October but make sure to book your place in the collective ASAP as numbers are capped at the moment.

Happy composting!