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Be inspired by the previously unknown heroism of the Danes. In 1943, Danish fishermen risked their own lives to send 7,500 Jews to Sweden. They saved roughly 90% of the Danish Jewish population.

In 2001, as Denmark revises their immigration policy, two men are struggling to separate fact from fiction. This gripping play examines the malleability of truth, shared history, and how easily our memories can be altered.

Playwright A. Bodin Saphir forces us to closely examine the plight of today’s refugees. In the here and now, would we welcome immigrants? Risk our own family to hide another?


How will history remember us?


“… enthralling drama of politics and race, faith and facts” – ★★★★★ London Financial Times Review 

“Fierce and riveting” – ★★★★ The Guardian


Moira Blumenthal is an accomplished director, spearheading Jewish theatre in both South Africa and Sydney. Her varied work history boasts numerous successes, notably: The Chosen, Coming to See Aunt Sophie, My Name is Asher Lev, and most recently, The God of Isaac.

A. Bodin Saphir is a filmmaker and playwright. He produced and co-directed the award-winning documentary “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?” and has adapted and produced a popular series of animated short films written by the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital – narrated by Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Julie Walters. He is currently developing a four-part drama series for the BBC and a slate of feature films. ‘Rosenbaum’s Rescue’ is his first play.


Tickets on sale from Monday, 20th January.