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MOTH X explores ‘New Beginnings’

A platform for theme-based live storytelling, for Generation X, inspired by the hugely successful MOTH talks that started in New York 20 years ago. MOTH X presents true stories, performed live without notes by 6-8 brave men and women, either professional or amateur performers, storytellers or musicians. The only criteria is they have to be 40+, involved in some way with the Jewish community and prepared to be vulnerable!

Each performer is given 5-7 minutes to explore in their own way, the theme of New Beginnings.

As with all MOTH events – now performed around 25 countries – the audience is the same age as the performers, so truth is paramount and a safe space of the essence.

Ticket price $20 (or $25 at the door)


Our storytellers include…

Henry Roth (MC) is an Australian TV host, lifestyle and fashion authority, media personality and brand expert. He has appeared in various capacities on: the award-winning Project Runway Australia, Beauty and The Geek, Australia’s Biggest Loser, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Red Carpet from Hollywood, and as the Today Show Fashion Editor.

With a Bachelor of Law and Arts degree, Henry caught the eye of overseas producers, working on Bob Geldof’s Live Aid in London for 5 years and then to New York City for 15 years. He has developed a long list of credits in the US and has featured on some of the highest rating shows in the world, including: Oprah, Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, The View with Barbara Walters, Today Show America, and Live! On The Red Carpet.

Henry runs his image and branding consultancy HENRY ROTH PRESENTS and is an active ambassador for Make-A-Wish Foundation. He credits his ambition, drive and determination to his incredible parents, Aneta and Joseph Weinreich, who survived the Holocaust.

Heather Mitchell is one of Australia’s most beloved, award-winning actresses, consistently appearing in Sydney Theatre Company productions for 30 years, including Cloud Nine (current season), Away (with Malthouse Theatre), Hay Fever, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadLes Liaisons Dangereuses, Macbeth, The Cherry Orchard and Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.

She has appeared in multiple productions with Belvoir St Theatre, Bell Shakespeare and the Melbourne Theatre Company, as well as many TV shows and films. Her film roles include The Great Gatsby, Eye of the Storm, Thank God He Met Lizzie, Children of the Revolution, Muriel’s Wedding, Proof, and Malcolm

Since graduating from NIDA in 1986, Heather has received many awards, most recently the 2015 Green Room Award and 2014 Helpmann Award for Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical (Strictly Ballroom), NYCFF Best Actress (Afterglow), and NYLA Best Actress (Red Valentine).

Edo Khan is an acclaimed musician, sound healer, yoga teacher and social entrepreneur. He is passionate about transforming lives, empowering individuals and uniting communities.

Edo is the Co‐founder and CEO of A Sound Life – an Australian based non-profit organization which shares the healing power of music, yoga and meditation with people in need. Since 2014 they have helped thousands of people in disadvantaged communities, including people in hospitals, aged-care facilities, disability groups, women refuges and youth-at-risk.

Edo is a major label music artist previously signed with Virgin/EMI with his bands Gelbison & Kahn Brothers and is an APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association) award-winning songwriter.

For the last seven years, he and his late wife Jo toured extensively around the world, including Bali, Thailand & India. Edo is at the forefront of the well‐being, mantra music scene, and has run wellness retreats and yoga training workshops with renowned yoga teachers and schools from around the world.

Rachel Le Fleur (Rae) is a social justice activist, childhood sexual abuse (C.S.A) survivor, advocate at Tzedek, songwriter, poet and singer.

As a child growing up in a Yiddish speaking family, Rae acquired a love of Jewish Yiddish culture, song and theatre. She graduated from Sholem Aleichem College, where she learned to read and write Yiddish, and became an active member of Melbourne’s Yiddish Youth Theatre in the 1980’s.

As a C.S.A. survivor, Rae has been involved in a range of advocacy work, including speaking at a Royal Commission Multi-Cultural forum, singing her own music and co-presenting for a ‘Night of healing’ hosted by Tzedek.

She expresses her journey of recovery and growth through stories, poems and song. Rae lives in Melbourne with her husband and two of her three children. She is working on material for her first album and a book of poems.

Since reporting her abuse in 2016 and attending Tzedek, a support service for C.S.A victims and parents, Rae has been able to move forward to a new beginning where anything is possible.

John Holden is an American born Counsellor, community volunteer and activist who has made a lifetime of challenging social boundaries, personal limitations and social apartheid in all forms.

In John’s own words, he has failed miserably in a wide range of endeavors, many more times than he has succeeded. He insists this is as much of a success as any in the material terms of modern society.

John has a BA in Economics, Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and a Certificate IV in Business Management. He has been a community volunteer in a wide range of vulnerable communities, including Our Big Kitchen, for nearly two decades in Australia.

A resilient survivor, he models his life’s philosophy around gratitude, forgiveness and compassion – even for those the world doesn’t think deserve it.

Rivka Ray was born in the Ukraine with the name Regina Tyunev and moved to Sydney as a refugee at the age of nine. After her Jewish identity was hidden from her, for fear of persecution, she attended Yeshiva and Moriah High School, where she searched for a sense of belonging, self-expression & identity.

Rivka’s search was reinforced through the medium of clothing and fashion, becoming a fashion designer, as well as a single mother, at the age of 22. Fiercely independent, she juggled her own clothing stall at Paddington Markets while raising her baby boy. Rivka questioned and rejected social conventions, using self-image as a canvas and social experiment, exploring multiple modes of radical expression.

A sudden event in the Jewish world – the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin – shattered the core of her Jewish identity and changed her entire life course. Through a pilgrimage of studying science, philosophies and religions, Rivka changed her name and began a quest to delve into her lost Jewish heritage. She is now married with five children and is the mikveh manager at South Head Synagogue.

Dr Gávi Ansara and Dr Sruli Berger are a strictly observant, same-gender Orthodox Jewish couple, living in Sydney. They married in 2011, in a civil ceremony and had a Jewish wedding in 2012.

Gavi is a Polycultural Psychotherapist and Relationship and Family Counsellor at Imanadari Psychotherapy, and the Senior Research Consultant for Scotland’s Equality Network. He has won a number of awards for his teaching, research into Transgender, and for his contributions to policies and standards in international human rights and social justice.

Sruli is a medical Doctor, having moved into clinical practice after 10 years of public health research and teaching. Sruli’s recent work involves the utility of imaging modalities, surgical communication, cognitive impairment in chronic kidney disease, and medical tourism. With a PhD in Psychology, he also teaches at university in the fields of psychology and public health.

Together, Gavi and Sruli share their observance of Shabbat, kashrut, and the mitzvot with the many guests whom they host for Shabbat meals and Torah study.


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