Ideas often require an initial investment to take them to the next level. By helping to actualise an innovative idea, Shalom | Micro Grants can make a real, positive impact on the Jewish community.

What are Shalom | Micro Grants?

Shalom | Micro Grants provide seed funding of up to $500 to support programs, innovations and social enterprises that further engage the Jewish community, thereby helping applicants realise their ambitions.

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Who are Shalom | Micro Grants for?

The Shalom | Micro Grants are for people of any age who are looking for funding to launch an idea or increase the impact of their work on the community.

What else you need to know about Shalom | Micro Grants…

Past and current beneficiaries of Shalom | Micro Grants include:

  • Kesher Shabbat Dinner
  • LGBTI Holocaust Gathering
  • MY Name is Truda Vitz
  • Darfur Homework Club
  • Shir Madness
  • Limmud Shavuot (Canberra) and
  • JEWcy

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