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The Adamama Pickle Project is a three-month adventure combining organic agriculture, Jewish learning, and pickles. This community-driven initiative will give you the chance to grow beautiful baby cucumbers, and send them out into the world as strong, adult pickles. 

Adamama Farm is our city oasis, a place where you can cultivate crops and friendships as part of this grass-roots, intentional community. Sow the seeds and reap the rewards of organic urban farming.


“Sowing, growing, pickling & selling – you’ll learn it all!”


At the first session, you’ll taste the produce, soon you’ll find yourself planting seedlings, and before you know it you’ll be celebrating at the Harvest Party!

Application deadline: 10 August 2020


“Pickles! Ah, what else is there to say? They are the salty-sweet essence of life itself”

— Mitch

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Contact Mitch with any and all questions on 0450623002 or mitch@shalom.edu.au