The Limmud promise is, wherever you find yourself, Limmud will take you one step further on your Jewish journey.  It is about being able to become more fulfilled, be it through knowledge, spirituality, connection, empowerment, community or all of the above.

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What is Limmud?

Limmud (from the Hebrew word meaning “to learn”) was originally a conference in the UK for Jewish educators. It evolved over the years into a community gathering of Jewish learning, and has grown into a large international organisation based in over 40 countries and almost 100 communities worldwide.

The first ever Limmud to occur outside of the UK took place in Sydney in 1999. Since then, an immersive three day festival of Jewish ideas and culture, Limmud Oz, has taken place on the Queen’s birthday long weekend in June – alternating each year between Sydney and Melbourne. A condensed single day Yom Limmud takes place in Sydney in the alternate years. We also run Limmud Fest, a weekend residential festival, every few years. In recent years Limmud events have also expanded into Perth and Canberra.

Limmud is not affiliated with any strand of Judaism and is fundamentally a space for anyone interested in Jewish learning. It is also a place for community, discovery, empowerment, diversity, debate, laughing, dancing, families, volunteering. It’s the place for you to discover something new.

Who is Limmud for?

Limmud events are cross-communal and multi-generational, catering for a broad diversity of opinions.

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