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Introducing Shalom’s ‘V’hi she’amda Project’. In every generation there are those who have tried to destroy us, but we have always found salvation. We are still here. These are the haunting words of v’hi she’amda, which have suddenly found new meaning.


This project has curated stories from across our vibrant community – tales of migration, settlement, families, and children. A source to be shared at each family’s Passover table, these narratives serve as a living testament to the enduring spirit of the Jewish people, the People of the Book. The soul of this project lies in the inclusion of one card designated for YOUR family. Here, you have the opportunity to inscribe your own history, your unique journey, to be shared at this Passover and for generations to come.


We were redeemed from Egypt, and our celebration continues – for we are still here, thriving against all odds.


Shalom’s ‘V’hi she’amda Project’ is designed for use at your family Seder and are limited to two packs per sign-up.

To complement your  ‘V’hi she’amda Project’ pack feel free to download additional ‘Our Story’ pages along with a Family Tree for you to complete with your family story.

After Passover, we hope to collect YOUR stories and continue to grow this project.