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To celebrate Israel’s 70th year, Shalom has produced and directed a documentary film featuring four icons of Israel with distinct voices that convey the emotion and passion that colour Israel’s stories. Join us in the living rooms of these famous Israelis as Michael Misrachi asks them each about their lives, their loves and their dreams for Israel in the next 70 years.

Meet Gil Hovav, Israel’s leading culinary journalist and television personality who comes from one of the most respected families in the Jewish world: he is the great-grandson of Eliezer ben-Yehuda, the reviver of the Hebrew language. Gil is a food critic, an author and an incredible storyteller.



Meet Dorit Rabinyan, writer and screenwriter, born to Iranian Jewish parents. Dorit’s most recent work, All the Rivers, was recognised in Israel as the best-selling book of 2016 and received significant attention for its autobiographical depiction of a relationship between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man.


Meet Meir Shalev, one of Israel’s most beloved and recognised authors. Meir was born in 1948 in Nahalal, Israel’s first moshav. He has written over 30 books which are published in more than 20 languages.




Meet Ron Ben Yishai, winner of the 2018 Israel Prize and a veteran front line correspondent. Ron has covered many conflicts including Kosovo, Afghanistan and Syria.

Filmed by Ari Kuchar.