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How often do you check the ‘international’ section on Netflix? Definitely not enough if you’ve missed the French Series Family Business that came out earlier this year.

The first season of this comedy was greatly anticipated and well received by the French public. But no need to parler français to enjoy this series, and I’ll tell you why…

The series features six funny and dynamic 30-minute episodes striking the right balance between humour and emotion.

The main character, Joseph (played by the hilarious Jonathan Cohen, one of the most bankable actors of his generation), is a bit of a loser. In his 30’s, all his projects seem to fail. After all, it’s not that easy trying to sell a bending machine for bananas …

When he is expected to take over the family business – a kosher butchery in the Jewish quarter of Paris – Joseph hears that the Minister for Health is about to legalise cannabis. He sees it as a unique opportunity: to open a coffee shop – Hazan meats will become Hazan weed!

On paper, Family Business doesn’t seem to offer anything new on the series scene, vaguely copying the underlying drug plots of Breaking Bad and Weeds.  However, the French series still manages to make its mark, largely thanks to its amazing characters and cast, and the realistic and offbeat atmosphere.

Joseph is the perfect embodiment of a young man trying to juggle his dreams while facing parental pressure, his father played by the French legend Gerard Darmon.

And director Igor Gotesman does an excellent job, just as he did with his 2016 hit Five.

Family Business is a great mix of ethnic and family relations combined with hilarious jokes and surrealist scenes, sprinkled with many Jewish references – Yiddish, North-African Sefardi slang, Ashkenazi dishes… – making it a relatable and deeply entertaining show to watch with friends!

About the author

Manon Souris is a communications professional who has worked in the IT industry for the past 4 years. Originally from France, she has a background in translation and writes about many topics in French and English. She has a particular interest in literature and the digital world.


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