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Shalom proudly supports Jessica Bellamy’s inventive new play A is for Apple

Special Shalom event on Thursday 31 March: Join us for a post-show Q&A when playwright Jessica Bellamy will answer your questions (interviewed by Shalom’s Tanya Goldberg). Afterwards, join the Shalom team in the theatre lobby for a free drink – sign up below for your drink!

WHEN: The play runs from 29 March – 9 April

WHERE: Griffin Theatre, Darlinghurst

A is for Apple is an irreverent, impertinent romp through the Old Testament’s patriarchs and matriarchs, in search of role models. Jessica Bellamy’s (Shabbat Dinner) inventive new play asks how women can rewrite the myths that formed them, and create a version of ‘woman’ that embraces contradiction and complexity. A is for Apple relishes in genre-blending and cultural translations to ask lovingly provocative questions and welcome everybody into the tribe.

So, load up on Genesis, cue up some Missy Elliott and get ready for a night at the theatre that will leave you empowered and renewed!