Shalom | Live Stories are personal stories about Jewish life told through performance, taking you beyond just words, to see, hear and become part of the performer’s  story and truly appreciate their perspective.

What is ‘Shalom | Live Stories’?

'Shalom | Live Stories' is a performance series which creates an intimate setting for people to express their personal experiences. Live Stories is a style of storytelling, which encourages true stories, told live by the performer through a medium of their choice.

Storytellers are encouraged to be bold, controversial and creative with their peers. The Live Stories stage welcomes musicians, poets, spoken word artists, acapella singers, digital designers, actors, dancers, comedians and visual design performers ... anything and everything!


Who is 'Shalom | Live Stories' for?

Live Stories events are uniquely Jewish, edgy and raw – and are dedicated to those who want to explore new horizons and start new conversations.

Live Stories brings together those in their 20s and 30s through performance evenings, Live Stories Band Camps and Storytelling Workshops throughout the year. There is also Live Stories X, which is dedicated to people aged 40+.

What else you need to know about ‘Shalom | Live Stories’…

Live Stories events are non-partisan and non-denominational, as well as entertaining and educational. We invite any person to attend and explore new ideas, and at each event audiences and performers learn from and support one another.

Each Live Stories event in the series features storytellers and musical guests who explore, grapple with, celebrate, commemorate and challenge their own and the audience’s perspectives on various Jewish topics.

Past topics have included:

  • Gen 3 (for performers who are part of the third generation from the Holocaust)
  • Israel
  • Antisemitism
  • Identity
  • Interfaith

Previous Events

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