The Nadav Project, a Shalom initiative supported by Social Impact Hub and StandUp, is an intergenerational program aimed at increasing financial literacy in a Jewish context, starting with teens post Bar/Bat Mitzvah age and continuing through high school, in partnership with their parents and an expert network of financial gurus.

Financial management is a skill set that young people rarely access — indeed, many adults never learn how to invest intelligently and responsibly. The Nadav Project seeks to give this knowledge at an early stage to the young future change-makers in our community, while instilling the crucial Jewish values that will enable them to use their skills to build a world informed by achrayut (social responsibility) and areyvut (community mindedness).

Through a series of workshops integrating Jewish thought, ethics and wisdom with the most up-to-date financial education and practical investing tools, young adults will become empowered to earn profits and manage their money intelligently while gaining a rich understanding of the Jewish values surrounding impactful giving.

The Nadav Project Values


How does it work?


Post Bar/Bat mitzvah teens aged 12-15 sign up to a cohort with a parent or guardian. Each cohort is comprised of up to 20 teen-parent pairs.

Cohorts will meet for five workshops run by Jewish educators in collaboration with industry experts, where they will learn the basics of banking and investing in context of the Jewish perspective on money and finance, and how they can change the world through impact investing. Participants will also gain insights into how non-profit organisations use funds and learn how to decide where to donate and how to donate responsibly.

The workshops include a ‘virtual investment’ component in which participants learn the practical steps of investment.

Each participant will then have the skills to set up his or her own investment portfolio with a portion of his or her B’nei Mitzvah money, or any other savings they have accrued, and to independently manage their funds with the tools provided by The Nadav Project.

After the program ends, participants are encouraged to join our dynamic alumni giving circle which will annually allocate charitable donations to the non-profit organisations making a difference in our community, seeded by 50% of each participant’s program fee. Participants are eligible for the giving circle through high school.

Benefits and Goals

By participating in The Nadav Project, teens will gain valuable practical skills in money management, enabling them to connect their emerging adulthood to improved long-term financial outcomes.

They will learn to view the role of money and finance in society through a uniquely Jewish lens emphasising ethical and moral behavior, community-mindedness, and social responsibility. Participants will come to understand their own roles in performing Tikkun Olam through real, actionable steps that will benefit them personally and the community as a whole.

Graduates of The Nadav Project will have the tools to manage their own financial futures and a deep understanding of how contributing to greater causes fuels Jewish life.



The total program cost for each teen-parent pair is $300. Half of this cost will automatically be reserved for when the teen joins the alumni giving circle, becoming seed money to be donated to worthy community organisations chosen by the participants. The $150 donation seed money is tax deductible.



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