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Communal Mapping Project

Young Adult Engagement (ages 20-40) Shalom is undertaking a Communal Mapping Project focussing on Young Adult Engagement (Ages 20-40) across our Sydney Jewish Community.   We would like to ask you to complete the following

Brewing Mindfulness

Joining the Adamama team, I’ve been learning a lot about how to care for the land. And to honour the start of 5782 – which is a Shmitah year – I’d like to care for

Shmitah: A year to rest, reset and reflect 

By Mitch Burnie  Shmitah is first mentioned in the Torah in Exodus 23:10-11. “And six years you shall sow your land, and you shall gather in its produce. And the seventh year you shall release it

Something Sephardi and Something Sweet

Jewish recipes from around the world with Marcia Friedman and Lisa Goldberg   While none of us can travel, what better way to savour the flavours of the world than with an hour of cooking Jewish recipes

Nature Has Not Been Cancelled!

If you really think about it, some of your favourite childhood memories are likely to have taken place outdoors.  Have you ever jumped in muddy puddles? Run outside to collect hail from the grass in a storm? Made mud

And that’s a wrap: less in landfill, more in your fridge

Friends and family keep tell me that cooking has reentered their lives in a big way. This is wonderful news, and a definite silver lining of these otherwise tricky lockdowns. Since we’re spending so much

Keep Busy and Preserve Everything

Some people burp their babies during lockdown and here I am burping the sauerkraut. It smells so good! The slow cooker is sending the aromatic bliss of fermented beetkraut borscht throughout the house. The dehydrator

Chicken Soup for the Lockdown Soul

When days get colder, and more covid-y, what better way to lift your spirits and warm your soul than by cooking up a great chicken soup. We had the great pleasure of hosting two amazing

Carrot Tops Pesto and Chimichurri

Because carrot seeds are so small, we generally plant more than we need and thin them out later once the leaves have grown, but what to do with the green tops? They are edible and delicious.

Etgar Keret in conversation

Fly Away with Etgar Keret It was the first in-person gathering for the Sydney Jewish Writers Festival since February 2020 and there was a buzz at the Ritz Cinema as people queued to get up