How can you raise tweens and teens in today’s world to feel confident and strong? Dr Ginni shared her best evidence-based strategies for raising happy, healthy humans in our rapidly changing world.

Why are today’s parents feeling like failures, worried that their teens will ‘go off the rails’, won’t get through school, won’t find a job or will be overwhelmed by stress? With so many experts out there offering conflicting advice, how do parents know where to turn and who to trust?

As both clinicians and parents, Dr Ginni Mansberg and clinical psychologist Jo Lamble know first-hand how challenging it can be to raise adolescents. In The New Teen Age, they team up to address both the physical and psychological issues faced by teens in this new age of social media and 24-hour devices, equipping parents and carers with sound strategies for navigating everything from parent-child tensions and peer pressure online and in the schoolyard to questions around food, sleep, exercise, screentime, body image, hormones, sexual development, skin, academic pressure and so much more. Packed with empathy and no-nonsense advice, THE NEW TEEN AGE is a comprehensive guide to raising happy, healthy humans in our rapidly changing world.

Dr Ginni Mansberg is a well-respected General Practitioner with a special interest in women’s health. She teaches at the Medical Faculty of the University of Notre Dame in the Discipline of General Practice, is the resident doctor on a number of TV shows, including “Sunrise”, “Embarrassing Bodies Down Under” and “Medicine or Myth”.
Dr Ginni is also the author of five books: “The M Word – How to Thrive in Menopause,” “The New Teen Age,” “Why am I so Tired?”, “How to Get your Mojo Back” and “How to Handle your Hormones”.
She is also a wife and mother of six to a blended family, and together with her co-author, Jo Lamble, hosts the new Mamamia podcast, Help! I have a teenager.

Dr Ginni was in conversation with Justine Saidman as part of SJWF.

You can purchase The New Teen Age HERE.


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