Over 150,000 Australian families are affected by miscarriage every year. It is the most common pregnancy complication yet is surrounded by silence.

Isabelle Oderberg was in conversation with journalist Gabrielle Jackson.

SJWF was pleased to host the Sydney book launch for Hard To Bear.

In Hard to Bear, journalist Isabelle Oderberg investigates the world’s most common pregnancy complication, from the origins of the silence that engulfs it, to the role played by medical misogyny in treatment, and why Reproductive Justice must be at the heart of every solution. Combining in-depth investigative skills with her own lived experience and that of hundreds of others, Oderberg charts a course to improve the system and change the lives of anyone directly or indirectly touched by early pregnancy loss, with practical and generous advice and suggestions along the way.

Isabelle Oderberg was in conversation with Gabrielle Jackson.

‘Told with love, sass and journalistic rigour, this courageous and compelling book will be a lifeline for so many families whose grief and loss has for too long been unspeakable.’
Jess Hill, author of See What You Made Me Do

After growing up in Hong Kong, Isabelle Oderberg went to university in Melbourne. She has worked as a journalist for two decades in newsrooms across Europe, Asia and Australia, where she was the country’s first social media editor for Melbourne’s Herald Sun. Her work has appeared in The Age/SMH, Guardian, ABC, Meanjin and elsewhere. She also worked as a media and communications strategist across the not-for-profit sector. Hard to Bear is her first book.




Gabrielle Jackson is the associate editor for audio and visual at Guardian Australia. She is the author of Pain and Prejudice: How the Medical System Ignores Women – and What We Can Do About It, and won the 2016 Medicinewise award for excellence in media reporting for her work covering endometriosis. She also sits on the Walkleys Judging Board.