Adamama JNR

Adamama Farm is a living classroom and interactive farm where children can explore nature, learn and grow. We love teaching our younger generation about all things food, sustainability and nature. Adamama JNR is rooted in Jewish values, these are instilled into every playgroup, daycare and preschool excursion and experience at Adamama JNR.

Adamama JNR. Values

Daycare and Preschool excursions and incursions

We are excited to build a sustainable and enduring partnership with preschools. This will include a visit from our Adamama Jnr. Program Manager to your pre-school once a term for garden education. Igniting the children’s interest in nature, conservation, sustainability and love of living creatures. This interest would be further developed by a visit to Adamama Farm for a hands-on practical experience of being in the garden.

We can work with you on creating the most suitable experience to enhance your core topics, goals and curriculum.

Children’s activities on the farm

  • Garden maintenance such as digging, carrying, planting, mulching and pruning.
  • Watering
  • Picking flowers and produce when it is ready to eat with farmer Mitch
  • Planting vegetables, fruits and flowers in the correct season
  • Feeding the worms
  • Craft activities using harvested seeds, plants, and flowers.
  • Composting, recycling, and mulching
  • Weeding
  • Gathering seeds and dried flowers
  • Deadheading flowers
  • Preparing the soil with organic fertiliser
  • Replanting and repotting

 Weekly Playgroup

We are excited to launch a unique community playgroup at Adamama Farm. Help our young family community thrive and join us every Wednesday morning for a fun, interactive, muddy and Jewish-y playgroup. Children aged 0-4 years will be able to explore free-play activities, storytime and singing. Parents, Grandparents and carers with younger siblings are welcome to attend. At Adamama, we love rain! It nourishes our garden, helps everything grow and thrive. Wet weather, we have a plan. We have a beautiful playroom at the farm in case of bad weather. Book in NOW!

Meet Wendy our Adamama Jnr. Program Manager

I have been working with children and families for over twenty years.  I am passionate about creating a warm and supportive learning environment that invites every child to have fun, discover and explore whilst enhancing their developmental skills. I am excited at the endless nature-based opportunities Adamama Jnr will be providing to help our children grow and learn.

Please get in touch and we will help you to create an experience unique to your children’s and their needs and passions.

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What's on at the farm