Private/Group Workshops

Looking for a unique, hands on and fun experience? We have you covered with a variety of sustainable workshops to choose from. A great idea for families, mates, work socials or even birthdays.

Prices vary on numbers and workshop. Range: $15-$35 per person. $150 minimum.

Pickles and preserves: Learn how to make your favourite ferments with a beginners course in the art of pickling. Connect yourself to traditions and culture from a time gone by.

Creating your own organic veggie garden: From start to finish all the steps on how to make your own organic veggie patch at home. From soil to harvest, all your questions answered and some real hands on experience.

Compost 101 “The eleventh commandment”: It’s the easiest thing to do on your path to sustainability. Understand how it all works and how to set one up at home. Come and make friends with the worms.

Urban Farm Tour: Come on down to the farm and see how it all works, walk through, taste the produce and get a glimpse of the urban farmer life. Finish off the tour with some hands on farm work.

Bonfire and chill: When the weather starts to cool there is no where else to be then tucked away in our urban oasis with a couple of grape juices and ginger beers by the fire with marshmallows.

Root to leaf cooking: an easy, delicious way to reduce your impact on the planet. Learn some tips and tricks for using up all parts of your fruits and veggies. Offered online.

Natural dyeing: discover the colourful potential of veggies and fruit. Learn how to use fresh produce and scraps to make natural and creative designs on your clothes or fabrics.

Shmita in a tea-cup: mindfully make your own brew of dried herbs and flowers, and then sip on a cuppa around the campfire while we turn inwards and reflect on how Shmita can be rejuvenating in modern times.


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