This past month, I’ve been paying attention. To the songs I hear on the radio on my drive to work, the graffiti on the wall on my walk from the carpark, the photo of my kids on my desk and of course, the book I read before I go to bed. All these things tell a story. They exist to make us feel. In fact, we’re living in a whole network of stories. It’s our job to hear them, to absorb them and to pass them to others. That’s why I’m so excited about our upcoming program event, Storytellers: Like a Prayer which invites you to reconsider your own perceptions of stories and prayer, like you never have before. Featuring artists like Ilan Kidron, Michael Burrows and Miriam Hechtman.

I’d love for you to find your own stories this SJWF. Discover. Adventure. Be inquisitive. Experience the power of the Witness with Ariel Burger, explore #MeToo in a new light, be enthralled by Kerri Sackville, Lee Kofman and Ramona Koval as they talk their way through Love, Loss and Endings.

You’ll find me at the festival too. Inhaling, embracing, and uncovering as many stories as I can. Find me, and tell me your story. I’d love to hear it. 


I look forward to seeing you at SJWF2019 – Book your tickets now!