The High Holidays might seem light years away, but the time to prepare, is actually meant to be now, during the Hebrew month of Elul. In fact, someone once said that if Rosh Hashanah is when we’re meant to launch into the sky of a new year, then Elul is the runway preceding our flight. In today’s busy day and age, where no one really has time for anything, the Hebrew month of Elul is truly a godsend. It’s a month that has been especially created to reflect on the year that’s passed, and contemplate on everything that is to come. It’s a time to find ways in which you can have a more positive impact on the people around you and on yourself, and above all, rediscover what makes you happy! Here are a few ideas to help you when reflecting this Rosh:


  • Be mindful 


If you’re like us, you might have avoided mindfulness up until now, deeming it as the latest ‘it-word’. But, modern neuroscience is now supporting that personal growth and inner healing happens from the inside-out, through healthy amounts of stillness and silence. And what better time to do this, than in the month of Elul? Check out this article by the amazing JS Health about how to begin your mediation and mindfulness journey. 

  1. Cook more 

During the month of Elul, spend time to treat yourself with nourishing food, and time spent exploring cooking. Used to the same cereal box every morning? Why not indulge in Lyndi Cohen’s 5-Ingredient Overnight Oats.


  1. Read differently 

Take the time to explore different forms of writing, that you mightn’t usually consume. Check out this poem by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat about the month of Elul and the challenges it poses to us. 

  1. Write to yourself 

Spend time asking yourself questions, that you usually wouldn’t have time to reflect on. Getting lost in your own thoughts? Try writing them down. Some questions could be: 

  • What have you done that you’ve been proud of over the past year?
  • What have you done that you aren’t that proud of?
  • How could you do more things that you’re proud of, in the future? 
  1. Be inspired by others 

There are so many people doing good in the world, that you can be inspired by, reach out to and connect with. We’re not just talking about people in the public eye. Look to your family, your kids, your friends. Check out these teens that are changing the world, for some quick inspiration.