Have you heard of Mamamia’s No Filter podcast? In it, Jewish media mogul Mia Freedman hosts candid conversations that count, with incredible people.  Over the past couple of years I’ve listened to these weekly conversations in the car on my way to work, religiously. And, from Serena Williams to Liane Moriarty, they’ve made me laugh, cry and grip my hands on the steering wheel in anticipation. Since the show’s conception, Mia has also listened to the stories of some pretty incredible Jewish individuals. I’ve rounded up my favourites below:

1.     Eddie Jaku is 98 And Surprisingly, He’s The Happiest Man On Earth

Mia Freedman speaks to Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku in this candid and inspiring episode. He’s full of life, advice and stories about a world few people remember. On the 10th of November 1938 Eddie Jaku’s world changed forever when a group of Nazi’s knocked on his front door in Germany. He shares with Mia everything he remembers.

2.    Simi Polonsky Thought She Knew What Her Life Was Going To Be Like

In this episode, Simi Polonsky talks about her life being born into a big Orthodox Jewish family in Sydney, and about the devastating loss of her husband, Shua, just before the birth of her son. This is a captivating and moving listen.

3.    Esther Perel Knows Why People Cheat

Polish-Jewish couples therapist Esther Perel has a cult following to rival that of Brene Brown, and on this episode of No Filter she speaks to Mia about why it has never been easier to have an affair, the reason happy people cheat and how infidelity can sometimes make a relationship better.

4.     Osher Günsberg Is Not Who You Think He Is

Osher talks about his new book Back, After The Break, where he writes about his life, naming himself Osher after the Hebrew word for happiness, Jewish Kabbalah, how he’s battled and overcome OCD, anxiety, body dysmorphia and even psychosis.

5.     Magda Szubanski Is An Australian Icon

Magda Szubanski has written and created some of Australia’s best comedy shows and characters.  She talks to Mia about life since coming out and how her Jewish family history has impacted her life.

6.     Roxy Jacenko Hit Rock Bottom…Twice

This is the second time Mia has spoken to Roxy for No Filter. The first time, Roxy’s husband Oliver Curtis was in jail for insider trading. She’d been diagnosed with breast cancer and her life was spiraling. This time, it seems life actually got a lot worse for Roxy before it got better.

7.      Aly Raisman Is Not “A Little Girl Dancing”. She Is Fierce.

“I take a lot of pride in being able to not only represent the U.S.A, but also the Jewish community everywhere.” Aly Raisman is a six-time Olympic medalist and captained the gold medal winning US team in both 2012 and 2016. She’s also one of 250 young girls who was abused by the Doctor of the American Gymnastics team, Larry Nassar. In this interview she talks about her experience and how she’s advocating for change.


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About the author

Ali Berg is the Creative Director and co-founder of Melbourne-based creative and marketing firm, Hedgehog, co-author of internationally best-selling books The Book Ninja and While You Were Reading and co-founder of social initiative Books on the Rail. When she’s not reading novels, you can find her watching romcoms on Netflix as soon as they land and at the movies with a giant box of popcorn and tears in her eyes (the best films always make you cry)!

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