It’s the holiday season! That time of year filled with too much eating, too many family reunions, and having to explain to your boss why you need so much time off. And there’s no better way to spiritually prepare for the High Holy Days than watching TV and movies written, directed and/or produced by Jewish creators.

Before Sukkot watch…

The Holiday (2006)

Available on Foxtel On Demand or iTunes

The Premise: Two young, unlucky-in-love women, one from England and one from America, swap houses in an attempt to escape their regular lives for a bit. Also it’s Christmas.

Why You Should Watch It: Okay, so yeah, this is a Christmas movie. But hear me. Firstly, the Rabbis of the Mishnah call Sukkot HaChag, which literally means The Holiday, and we all love a good play on words. Secondly, Sukkot is ALSO called ‘Zman Simchatenu’ which means ‘time of rejoicing/happiness,’ and watching one of the best romantic comedies of the mid-2000’s is a great way to find some momentary happiness. And lastly, the movie is all about opening up your home to people and new opportunities, which is exactly what we do on Sukkot!


Before Simchat Torah watch…

The Hangover

Available on Foxtel On Demand or iTunes

The Premise: Three men wake up in Las Vegas after a bachelor party with no recollection of the night before, and must find the missing groom before his wedding. Mike Tyson is also there.

Why You Should Watch It: It’s a modern classic that has informed the last ten years of popular culture, and a great way to get in the celebrating mood. It’s also a nice reminder of why you should maybe limit your l’chaims when you go on your Simchat Torah shule-crawls. And remember: if you can’t find your friends before Shacharit, make sure to check the roofs.


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Shoshana Gottlieb is a writer fresh out of uni and mooching off her brother’s Netflix account. An avid TV and movie fan, she dreams of writing romcoms and Hallmark Chanukah movies. Her favourite TV shows at the moment are The Good Place and Big Little Lies, and her favourite romcom is When Harry Met Sally. You can find her movie reviews at and her inane musings on twitter @taxiapologist


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