There’s no shortage of food shows and podcasts out there but, just like there are thousands of different recipes in the world, there are plenty of spins a culinary series can take. Feast your eyes – and ears – on these to feed your body, mind and soul.

Part II – LISTEN UP (Missed part I? Read it here!)

Table Manners

Jewish singer-songwriter Jessie Ware and her mother Lennie host a general chit-chat show inviting well-known musicians, politicians and other celebrities over to their place to talk about food and family. Click here or search on iTunes.

The Big Schmear

Home cook and career producer Beth Schenker has started this new bi-monthly podcast that heroes Jewish food. With topics ranging from traditions and history to nutrition and trends, Beth interviews many experts as a way to “share the big picture of Jewish food with as many people as possible”. Click here for how to tune in.


There have been more than 250 episodes of this factual foodie podcast (from the folks at How Stuff Works) hosted by Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum. We like the episode ‘We Are All Jelly Doughnuts’ where they delve into all things jam doughnuts, including sufganiyot, eaten in Israel during Channukah. One juicy fact: the largest sufganiyah was created in Jerusalem in 1995, weighing in at a whopping 16kg. Click here to whet your appetite.


About the author

Born in Australia to a (Ashkenazi) father born in Hungary and a (Sephardic) mother born in France to parents born in Egypt with parents born in Italy, Jacqui Kwong is now married to a man with Chinese, English and Irish ancestry. She’s been writing ever since she could. From modest beginnings penning stories often titled, The Magic [insert inanimate object], she went on to become editor of Weight Watchers magazine and is now a freelance writer and editor of magazines, articles and blogs for brands including Coles, Woolworths, Qantas and SBS. She’s also currently writing a children’s book about world food.   


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