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1. The Simpsons

Season 3; Episode 6shabbat dinner simpsons

Revel in the Simpsons’ heyday with this, the most Jew-centric of episodes.

Highlights: self-loathing, Jackie Mason, and inherited trauma (could this episode be any more Jewish?)


2. Shtisel

Season 1; Episode 1

Slipping between Hebrew and Yiddish whilst constantly eating, we watch as the Shtisel family muddle through life against the backdrop of Orthodox Judaism. I would recommend starting at the beginning with this show, because you don’t want to miss out on that opening [SPOILER] dream sequence.

Highlights: Jerusalem, the drama, and the on-point outfits


3. The Mindy Project

Season 2; Episode 20

Let me start by divulging that I am openly obsessed with Mindy Kaling. For lovers of romantic comedy, and “could have avoided this!” plot tropes, buckle up… In this episode, a gentile doctor finds himself mistaken for a Jew, and invited to Shabbos dinner by a Rabbi… badum-tsch!

Highlights: Mindy’s ticket for “Public female hysteria”, wizard fight, and a hilariously bad Shabbat prayer


4. Friday Night Dinner

Season 2; Episode 6

This fantastic (BAFTA nominated!) British program literally exists to portray Shabbat dinners at the Goodman’s house. I’m recommending my favourite episode to draw you into the series, so if you don’t like it, we can’t be friends.

Highlights: Tamsin Greig, Tamsin Greig, and Tamsin Greig



5. Transparent

Season 1; Episode 6

Based on Jill Soloway’s real-life “trans parent”, we follow Maura (formerly Mort) leading her first Shabbat as a transwoman.

Highlights: Kathryn Hahn as Raquel the Rabbi, the teddy bear, and the all-female planet



Season 10; Episode 11

If you’re at all familiar with the CSI format, you do not need to watch any other episodes of this program. There is even a follow-up episode to this called ‘Shiva’, if you’re still thirsty for more Jewce (I’m sorry about that pun, this is actually a very serious episode).

Highlights: EMOTIONS, twisty turns, and SHOCKING ending


7. Difficult People

Season 2; Episode 1

Not to everyone’s tastes, I will defend this show’s intentionally unlikeable characters to the end!

Highlights: Anne Hathaway’s clitoris, a “Shabbos goy”, and Tina Fey directing a Jewish video will and testament




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