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You’re betraying yourself if you don’t watch Traitors! Too much? Bear with me, because Traitors is the most gripping television I’ve watched in a while, and I just want someone to share it with!

I am biased, of course, because Traitors is a British spy drama (I’m British) with a secondary storyline built around Britain’s sinister involvement with the Israel/Palestine conflict (I’m Jewish).

Set in London at the end of the Second World War in 1945, fireworks go off, food shortages are all the rage, and the women who held war-time Britain together are told to go home and put the kettle on. Our show revolves around Feef – a ludicrously posh abbreviation of Fiona – an ambitious, aristocratic, stunner of a woman who is just so terribly bored now that the war is over. Emma Appleton plays our would-be agent, who is simply devastated that spy training was cut short by a blasted peace treaty. Fear not, because she is soon recruited into a super-secret mission with, gasp, the Americans. Tasked with identifying a Russian mole in the British government, Feef leaps into espionage as a double agent, proving once and for all that it’s never really been about patriotism.

I love watching shows where I’m suspicious of every single character, and Traitors certainly delivers. Our questionable heroine has moments of extreme unlikeability and ignorance linked to her upper-class status, but she’s so fascinating that you want her to prevail! With complicated female characters spouting some very applicable life lessons, don’t overlook Keeley Hawes as Miss Garrick: “women have to be twice as good as men”.

Traitors gets off to a bit of a slow start, but when the action comes, it comes all at once. You’ll be rewarded for your patience with excellent evening-wear, genuinely shocking twists, and nuanced subplots. Don’t watch for the slightly tedious criss-crossing of the spies, watch for the women.

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Robyn Reynolds (UK) delights audiences with embarrassing anecdotes and musical comedy. Fluent in French – because, like yoghurt, she’s cultured – Robyn can tame a rowdy crowd in two languages and earned a nomination for Best Comedy Award with her Sydney Fringe debut (2019). Even though Robyn’s only 4ft 11, you can’t miss her. Follow her hilarities at 


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