8 things to do this Hanukkah 

With Hanukkah coming up, and a new decade starting shortly after, we’ve rounded up 8 meaningful things you can do on each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah, so you can start the 20s with a bang. From stimulating podcasts to listen to cool graffiti to check out, this Hanukkah try experience something different, instead of just feeling gelty about eating too much gelt (although, we highly recommend that too)! 

Night 1, December 22: Take an hour out of your day to listen to The Israel Story Podcast, an acclaimed podcast all about Israeli life, religion, history and more. Once you’ve listened, why not join The Jewish Podcast Club next year to meet fellow podcast-listeners and discuss some of the episodes in depth.

Night 2, December 23: Head down to the Bondi Beach Sea Wall to check out Shalom’s graffiti haven, including hundreds of people’s new year resolutions. Feeling courageous? Grab some chalk and add your own resolution to the wall.

 Night 3, December 24: Treat your ears to the ultimate Hanukkah playlist, Hanukkah+, on Spotify. With artists like Jack Black, Buzzy Lee (Steven Spielberg’s daughter) and The Flaming Lips singing about Hanukkah, you won’t be able to help getting your best dance moves out.

Night 4, December 25: Read some awesome Hanukkah children books with the kiddies in your life, thanks to this list from PJ Library. If you can’t get access to any of the hard copies, they also have free YouTube videos with read aloud versions. 

Night 5, December 26: Get your zen on and try meditation on the fifth night of Hanukkah, thanks to this guide by My Jewish Learning. 

Night 6, December 27: Try this classic latke recipe from the New York Times, and become the most popular person at any party.

Night 7, December 28: Catch the travel bug! Book in a tour to Greece next year with Paul Forgasz’s time tour of Jewish Greece in May 2020. Opa! 

Night 8, December 29: For the final night of Hanukkah, snuggle up on the couch and catch an episode of one of our favourite Hanukkah-inspired shows, like Friends, Rugrats, The Nanny or Saturday Night Live. Looking for more recommendations? Join the Couch Latke Facebook group for all the very best Jewish-y TV, Movie and Podcast tips.