What to Watch: Oscars Edition

This is an opinion piece written by our guest writer, Shoshana Gottlieb. What did you watch? What did you skip? Comment below!

Don’t know what to watch before the Oscars? Torn between films for your next movie night? Look no further! Here’s a list of the nominated films you should definitely watch and which you can politely decline viewing.

Watch: Little Women 
It’s still January, but Little Women is my favourite movie of the year. I wrote about it here and quite literally have not stopped thinking about it since I saw it. My feelings for it are summed up by this Lady Gaga GIF:

Also! Read here about Louisa May Alcott’s Portoguese Jewish ancestry!

Angrily Decline: Ford v Ferrari
Instead of spending this time vehemently telling you why this movie is undeserving of a Best Picture nomination, I’ll list some other films that are more deserving and should’ve been nominated in its place:

Uncut Gems (Adam Sandler’s big comeback! The most Jewish movie you’ll see this year!). Midsommar. Honey Boy (written by nice Jewish boy Shia LaBeouf and directed by Israeli Alma Har’el.) The Farewell. Portrait of a Lady on Fire. Booksmart (starring Jonah Hill’s sister Beanie Feldstein.) Hustlers. Knives Out.

Watch: Judy
There’s nothing quite like seeing an actor or actress give a film absolutely everything they have, and it was magical watching Renee Zellweger give the performance of a lifetime, no matter how depressing it was. The story itself doesn’t hesitate showing the pitfalls of show business, and the shocking conditions Judy Garland faced throughout her career. Though Garland wasn’t (and Zellweger isn’t) Jewish, the film does somewhat talk about her infamous relationship with Sidney Luft, who was.

Politely Decline: The Irishman
This movie is good, obviously. But it’s much too long and the CGI’d faces are just a bit too Uncanny Valley. If I had to spend three hours watching a Scorcese movie, it wouldn’t be this one.

Watch: Parasite
If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard anything about Parasite, all I’m going to tell you is that you need to go and watch it right now. The story is phenomenal, the performances are bewitching, and it’ll make you want to go and watch everything else Bong Joon-ho has created. 

Politely Decline: Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood
I know it was super divisive, but I loved this movie enough to see it twice in theatres. Leo DiCaprio was amazing! So was Brad Pitt! And Margot Robbie! But, like The Irishman, I’d still rather watch other Tarantino/DiCaprio/Pitt/Robbie flicks instead of this one. Its violence feels more graphic and it can definitely drag on in parts. I also wasn’t a fan of Al Pacino being dragged in to do his best Old Hollywood Jew impression, but maybe that’s just me. I’d suggest waiting until it’s available on Channel 9 or something, no need to pay to see it.

Watch: Hair Love
I know you weren’t expecting me to recommend watching an animated short film, and yet here we are. Hair Love is amazing in every possible way. The animation style is gorgeous, the story will make you cry, and best of all, you can watch it right now for free!

Politely Decline: Joker
I’ll be frank: I do not care for Joaquin Phoenix. I do not care for nice Jewish boy Todd Phillips. I do not care for a retconning of the Joker’s backstory, especially when The Killing Joke already exists.


About the author

Shoshana Gottlieb is a writer fresh out of uni and mooching off her brother’s Netflix account. An avid TV and movie fan, she dreams of writing romcoms and Hallmark Chanukah movies. Her favourite TV shows at the moment are The Good Place and Big Little Lies, and her favourite romcom is When Harry Met Sally. You can find her movie reviews at shoshanagottlieb.wordpress.com and her inane musings on twitter @TheTonightSho


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