There are many firsts for me on this trip. First time flying Emirates and stopping in Dubai.  I was lucky enough to have 3 empty seats to myself on the long-haul flight so actually managed to get some sleep.

Also, first time traveling alone for pleasure.  I’ll admit that I was apprehensive at first but then grew to like the idea! As the start of this adventure grew closer I experienced a strange mix of anxiety and excitement about what lay ahead.

Certainly very excited for Limmud FSU Vienna and the amazing program they have unveiled. The organisers have been incredible in coordinating not only the conference but also extra-curricular activities, tours, transfers, etc.

I’m pretty sure that I am the only participant coming from Australia! The prospect of being totally immersed in the Russian language for 3 days is also a little curious and scary. My Russian is a little rusty after being here for 40 years and I find myself rehearsing how to say certain terms and phrases.

The other participants are coming from all over the world it seems. Many from Israel as well as all over Europe and parts of the former Soviet Union. They seem like a fun bunch, already planning where to go drinking and dancing after the conference sessions.

I’m writing this on the Dubai – Vienna leg of my trip and feeling extremely sleep deprived, 18 hours down, 6 to go, talk about a long day!

Looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep and then immersing myself in 3 days of the experience that is Limmud and all it has to offer!