Interview with Arnold Zable, the author of The Watermill

Celebrated author Arnold Zable returns to SJWF to discuss his latest book, The Watermill. The collection of four stories explores themes of past trauma, healing, displacement and belonging, with each tale set in a starkly different location, from the remote provinces of China to Indigenous Australia. Arnold will speak to Nicole Abadee about the journeys and people that inspired this moving piece of work.

‘I can think of no other writer who describes the aching heart of humanity with as much wisdom and compassion as Arnold Zable. The Watermill brings gentle light to some dark places. Whatever ails the human race, Zable is surely part of the solution.’ Michael McGirr

Arnold spoke at the 2020 online Sydney Jewish Writers Festival. If you missed out on Arnold’s interview or any of our Festival events, you can purchase on-demand access here:

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