Young Adult Engagement (ages 20-40)

Shalom is undertaking a Communal Mapping Project focussing on Young Adult Engagement (Ages 20-40) across our Sydney Jewish Community.

We would like to ask you to complete the following survey. The results of this survey will be published into an Executive Summary Report and provided back to you so that you can see how our communal landscape engages with young adults, where there are challenges, and what are best practices.

If you could fill in this Survey by Wednesday 3 November.

Our goal is to provide you with the Executive Summary Report by 19 of November to help you facilitate your young adult engagement for 2022.

About the Researcher and Research

Rabbi Alon Meltzer (director of Programs at Shalom), is pursuing a doctorate at La Trobe University’s Law School, he has an MA in Sociology from the University of Auckland and has undertaken a number of research and data analysis projects.

He sits on the Relationships Australia NSW Research Ethics Committee and has successfully received ethics approval for past projects. While this project is not under any academic institution requiring ethics approval, the project will be held to the same standard to protect the integrity of participating organisations and individual respondents. All stored and published data will be deidentified. Identifiable information is only being collected to allow for follow up surveying if need be.

This research will provide a holistic map of the community’s engagement of young adults from the perspective of organisations. It will identify which organisations are working in this field and to what extent. It will identify some of the key areas of success and challenges in young adult engagement, the duplication of services, and areas for innovation and development. Your organisation’s involvement will ensure the richness of the data provided.

By filling in this survey you confirm your agreement and willingness to participate in this research project.