Food and Jewish life are almost inseparable. The Shalom | Food And Pop-Ups harness this communal atmosphere and provide the opportunity to explore new culinary delights not regularly available to Jewish foodies and the kosher community.

What is ‘Shalom | Food and Pop-Ups’?

Shalom | Food and Pop-Ups expand the Jewish culinary and cultural experiences available to foodies and kosher consumers in Sydney, including working with world class chefs.


Who is ‘Shalom | Food and Pop-Ups’ for?

These events are for those who enjoy scrumptious Jewish food and culture, including kosher consumers.

‘Shalom | Food and Pop-Ups’ is not just about eating great food – it’s also about shared dining experiences and creating new connections through food. You are invited to expand your mind, as well as your palate at our next food event or pop-up.

What else you need to know about ‘Shalom | Food and Pop-Ups’…

‘Shalom | Food and Pop-Ups’ were launched at Shalom’s Jewish Food Culture Fest in 2013. Recently, there have been sold out events at One Hat restaurant Kepos & Co. catered by top chef, Michael Rantissi.

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