Film is a powerful tool, enabling an audience to become immersed in a world the film-maker captures. Shalom | Film provides the opportunity to be exposed to significant Jewish-themed movies and engage in a stimulating discussion about them.

What is ‘Shalom | Film’?

'Shalom | Film' showcases films to move, stimulate and entertain audiences, shining a light on ideas and issues in the contemporary Jewish world, allowing them to be further unpacked and explored.

Who is ‘Shalom | Film’ for?

‘Shalom | Film’ is for anyone who enjoys great movies, Jewish themed films, and wants to further understand and discuss the issues they uncover.

What else you need to know about ‘Shalom | Film’…

‘Shalom | Film’ often partners with the Jewish International Film Festival to showcase new and leading Jewish-themed and Israeli films.

Past events included:

  • Screenings of the 2014 documentary ‘The Green Prince’, followed by a Q&A with director Nadav Schirman
  • A screening of the documentary ‘804 Machal’, followed by a talk with Dennis Rudnick, a veteran of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence.

Previous Events

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