The Shalom | Professional Women’s Forum fulfills a desire among professional Jewish women to network with like-minded peers and learn from one another.

What is the ‘Shalom | Professional Women’s Forum’?

The ‘Shalom | Professional Women’s Forum’ is a unique environment, bringing Jewish women together, building strong personal and professional connections. It has built a strong following because of the special opportunity it provides professional Jewish women to network, learn from one another, offer support, advice, form friendships, find mentors and become more inspired and empowered.

Who is the ‘Shalom | Professional Women’s Forum’ for?

Professional women in the Jewish community seeking to engage in professional development and network with other professional Jewish women.

What else you need to know about ‘Shalom | Professional Women’s Forum’…

The ‘Shalom | Professional Women’s Forum’ is run by an Advisory Board, with support from Shalom staff. The Board is composed of seven Jewish women, who come from a broad range of professional and Jewish community backgrounds. Together, they create contemporary events and experiences that encourage networking, engagement and development between Jewish women.
Join us for a variety of guest speakers and meaningful activities which foster the development of new networks and friends.  Events include the annual 360U Women’s Empowerment Conference, which offers a large audience of Jewish women the chance to hear from a variety of inspirational speakers in a space designed to motivate and empower them.

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