When your history is full of pogroms and persecution, what else can you do but laugh? Shalom | Comedy is about enjoying the moment and the chance to look at the funny side of Jewish life.

What is ‘Shalom | Comedy’?

'Shalom | Comedy' is an annual Jewish Comedy Showcase, which is part of the Sydney Comedy Festival, featuring the best Jewish comedians from Australia and around the world. It’s a night of laughter and chutzpah – though it’s not always completely kosher!

Who is ‘Shalom | Comedy’ for?

The Jewish Comedy Showcase is for anyone over the age of 18 who enjoys exploring the funny and cheeky sides of Jewish life.

What else you need to know about ‘Shalom | Comedy’…

‘Shalom | Comedy’ has sold out every year since it began in 2013, and is a highlight of the Shalom calendar.

Past international and local performers include Joel Chasnoff (USA), Jeremie Bracks (Israel), Sol Bernstein (USA), Michael Wex (Canada) and Australian comedians Rachel Berger, Jackie Loeb, Dave Bloustien, David Smeidt, Peter Miesel, Tami Sussman, Alice Fraser, Ben Ellwood, Benny Davis and Justine Sless.

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