Jewish recipes from around the world with Marcia Friedman and Lisa Goldberg 

 While none of us can travel, what better way to savour the flavours of the world than with an hour of cooking Jewish recipes from different corners of the globe? We enjoyed a culinary tour of the Jewish world with American/Italian/Jewish cook Marcia Friedman as she baked a delicious savoury Sephardi recipe and Monday Morning Cooking Club’s Lisa Goldberg as she showed us how to bake something sweet for these lockdown days. 

Missed the live session? Don’t worry! Full video and recipes are available now!

American cook and food writer Marcia Friedman discovered the culinary synergy between her Italian American heritage and her adopted Jewish heritage over two decades ago when she converted. Her love of food and her interest in Jewish culinary traditions (as a way to understand her Jewish culture) resulted in her first cookbook, ‘Meatballs and Matzah Balls’. In her latest one, she’s collected Jewish recipes from around the world – sharing Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Mizrachi ingredients, ways of preparing food and cultural history. As she says in her new book, these recipes from across the globe connect Jews everywhere to thousands of years of history and survival – and to each other.

Marcia Friedman is the author of two cookbooks—‘Meatballs and Matzah Balls: Recipes and Reflections from a Jewish and Italian Life’ and ‘The Essential Jewish Cookbook’ (February 2021) —through which she explores and shares stories and recipes of beloved foods. Her food writing and recipes have also appeared in Tablet Magazine, Interfaith Family, and The Forward among other outlets. She’s written about the intersection of Jewish and Italian food and life. A convert to Judaism, Marcia enjoys speaking about her journey to groups and continues exploring the intersection of Jewish and Italian food and life on her blog. Marcia serves on the advisory council for The Jewish Food Experience and is a member of the international culinary organization, Les Dames d’Escoffier.  

Cookbook author Lisa Goldberg heads up Sydney’s Monday Morning Cooking ClubSince 2011, the group has published four best-selling cookbooks which document and preserve recipes from Jewish kitchens across Australia and the world, honouring and celebrating the most treasured family recipes, alongside moving stories of warmth, family, friendship, community and survival. Lisa embraces the saying ‘it’s always about the food’ – she is a self-confessed fresser with an unbridled passion for eating, cooking and nurturing those around her with food.  



Here are the featured recipes! 

Almond Kifli

Spicy Cheese Biscuits

 Lisa’s book is available from Gertrude and Alice, the official SJWF book seller. You can order online here ( or by calling 02 9130 5155. 



Marcia Friedman’s book ‘The Essential Jewish Cookbook: 100 Easy, Classic Recipes for Today’s Jewish Kitchen’ is available online. Her first book, ‘Meatballs and Matzah balls’ is also available  online .